Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday, June 27th, afternoon

If you’d like to review the edifying video shown for our opening moment today, here it is:

Lorrie began her presentation with a disclaimer (and she should seriously consider a side career as a stand-up comedian): “I didn’t get to present on workshopping. I’m damn good at presenting a workshop.  Instead, I had to follow Kate’s moving story about her mother. My mother is not in the same state of integrity . . .” Lorrie clearly explained the steps for presenting an action research inquiry. We also learned that she secretly wishes her Bichon would say “I love you.” She remained strangely poised as mysterious music and voices began emanating from the speakers; perhaps this was all orchestrated to keep us laughing.

Rebecca presented to us about Google Sites, beginning with an entertaining video illustrating our inherent fear of the instability of text in this digital age.  We then learned how to create a Google Site of our own for our portfolios. The last several hours found us all dutifully working through various aspects of the portfolio requirement and bombarding the "supreme fellows" with our questions. We concluded with Michalah's closing moment: Obvious to you. Amazing to Others." It's a privilege to be spending the week with all of you, really.

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