Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 3 morning

 The opening moment was Night Moves by Bob Seger.  The guests for the day were Lorrie King and Patricia Valley.  We were reminded that the blog is constantly being updated.  Please feel free to add comments to posts.  Add whatever seems relevant.  Tech moment- we added the SMWP resources page and learned about "Jog the Web."  Instructions are on the first page.  It organizes pages and gives you a place to ask questions.    Autobiographies were shared by several people.  Gail talked about her challenges with writing.  Julie W. compared her learning to a beehive.  Rachel loved Anne of Green Gables and shared her thoughts through cemeteries,  Christina connected stories through doors, lines and places.  Michalah shared her life through travel. Tisha wrote her life lessons through her son, Xander.

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