Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 4!!!

Day 4!!!

Hosts today are Alisha and & Michalah, who decided we needed some unhealthy snacks - DONUTS from Tony's, which were AHMAYZING!!! And fruit...less exciting!

We began the day with ten (15) minute tech presentation by Brigid - She presented on Diigo, a social bookmarking site that allows you to post stickies on the web page, annotate text as you go, and see what others are loving! Click here to set up your account!

We kicked off learning biographies early with Jen's fabulous (and humorous) presentation about her family and her evolution into the success that she is today. Alan went next sharing about his totem pole - building upon a heritage and history which led him to teaching. Alberto told his story - where he came from, how he made it, and looking ahead to where he's going. Mary shared her story through musicals and videos. Renee shared her life through Frog and Toad's eyes - the ups and downs, as well as Guster Yellowford's rendition of a sun drop and pinecone. Thank you to everyone for sharing from your heart, sharing from your books, sharing from your movies, and sharing about your lives and lessons. We are all better for having heard and learned with you. 

Kate shared about her mother, and the memoir she'd written in her honor. We read and chatted, and are eager to see how the piece will develop.   

 (FROG - from frog and toad!)

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