Monday, July 1, 2013

Optional Ways to Connect with NWP Educators This Summer

Hello, Writing Project friends -

As you recover from the first leg of your ISFI experience, you may want to consider participating in some programming the National Writing Project is co-sponsoring this summer. This stuff is entirely OPTIONAL (and no one would blame you for wanting a break from the Writing Project routine for a bit), but I thought you might like to know what's out there.   On the eve of the first portfolio due date, I imagine you're too swamped to read this too carefully--make a mental note and return when you're refreshed.  I cobbled together some information and descriptions from a series of NWP releases/updates that gives you a look at what's happening (disclaimer: I copied and pasted some sections of the text).

NWP has launched an Educator Innovator initiative that will work to connect educators—in schools and universities, libraries, museums, science centers, and community-based organizations—with a specially curated set of learning opportunities that support their interests in creative and powerful learning for the young people they work with.

The Educator Innovator initiative is part of an overall summer campaign, supported by the MacArthur Foundation, called the Summer of Making and Connecting. The goal of this summer campaign is to encourage a broad range of people to take the summer to engage in creative and connected learning – to make something, to learn a new skill in a new way, and to experience their own creativity and capacity in fields as diverse as the arts and engineering.

Of course, NWP has tons of information and resources to share with you. Here are some ways you can be involved with the Educator Innovator initiative:
  • Participate in Making Learning Connected, a Massive Open Online Collaboration (MOOC) that began on June 15th.  This is an excellent opportunity to network and collaborate on a wide scale.  Visit to sign up.  It's not a problem to jump in midstream, and you choose the level at which you participate.
  • Check out the MacArthur Foundation's Summer of Making and Learning site ( and sign up to take advantage of the full range of possibilities.  
That's it for now.  So glad you're joining the network!


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